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Responsible gambling in North Carolina

On this page, we explore the subject of responsible gambling in Kentucky. We offer an in-depth overview of available resources, practical advice, and protective measures to help you engage in gambling responsibly and make the most of your experience.

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Traditionally, there has not been much gambling available in North Carolina. There are just three Native American casinos, and there is a lottery, but there are no horse racing tracks. Legal North Carolina sports betting at tribal casinos was legalized in 2019, but there has been no online gambling outside of daily fantasy sports contests.

However, all that changed when Governor Roy Cooper signed HB 347 into law in June 2023. This measure legalized online sports betting, which launched statewide on March 11, 2024. As a response, the state is starting to emphasize responsible gambling practices.

Available resources for problem gambling in North Carolina

Some people have a hard time putting their gambling in the proper perspective.

The state is aware of this, and they have proactively implemented practices and policies to meet the challenge. Plus, there are national groups that help people with gambling addictions.

North Carolina Problem Gambling Program (NCPGP)

North Carolina has its own program, NCPGP, that supports problem gaming prevention, education, and treatment, and there is also an outreach initiative. The state operates the MoreThanAGame.nc.gov website which contains a treasure trove of important information.

There is a problem gambling self-assessment tool on the site, along with screening tools, recovery resources, and more. You can get in touch with them by chat or email, and you can speak with someone on the phone if you call 877-718-5543.

Gamblers Anonymous

In addition to the state-specific assistance that is provided by the North Carolina Problem Gambling Program, people in the state can tap into national resources. Gamblers Anonymous is one of them and it is modeled after the highly successful Alcoholics Anonymous program.

Members attend meetings where they share stories about their problems with gaming, and opening up in this manner to others who have had similar experiences can be cathartic.

Plus, when a participant is tempted to gamble, empathetic support from a sponsor is always just a phone call away.


Another option that is available all around the country is QuitGamble.com. It has been described as a social network for people who have gambling problems.

There are chat rooms with ongoing conversations, and you can access them around the clock, every day of the year.


This is another platform that facilitates conversations among people who are battling or recovering from problem gaming.

A lot of people yearn for this type of interaction, but they don’t necessarily want to leave the house. GamTalk provides a level of convenience that is very appealing to many individuals.


The actions of problem gamblers impact people around them as well, and this is something that is often overlooked.

Those who are in this position carry a heavy burden, and it is hard to do it alone. Gam-Anon is an organization that is devoted to these individuals, and it gives them a forum within which they can have meaningful conversations with others who are in the same position.

Responsible gambling overview

Gambling is a lot of fun in general, and betting on sporting events is especially enjoyable for the fans. When you are watching a game that involves your favorite team, it’s exciting because you care about the outcome. This is simply not the case when you don’t care who wins.

However, if you place a bet on a game, you are suddenly on the edge of your seat. When you look at it in this light, it is a form of entertainment, and we all pay for content that we enjoy consuming. But in this case, you have a chance to get your money back and then some.

That being stated, you should definitely assume that you’re going to lose when you place a bet so you do not bet more than you can afford. If you take this approach, you will keep everything in perspective, and a win will be a very pleasant surprise.

And remember, when you think about an organization like Gam-Anon, if your gambling becomes a problem, you are not the only one that will be impacted.

Responsible gambling tips

Any time you enter into a new arena, you should have a game plan in place so you are not flying blind. If you follow these tips, you can enjoy the action safely with no negative fallout:

  • Establish a betting bankroll that you can afford to lose.
  • Stick with a modest betting increment that makes sense in relation to your overall bankroll.
  • Do not increase your bet amounts wildly when you are ahead or behind.
  • Refrain from gambling when you are drunk or high on drugs.
  • If you have some luck and get ahead, withdraw your winnings to put everything in perspective.
  • Don’t shoot for the stars with a low probability bet every time you place a wager.
  • Keep your emotions in check and don’t chase losses.

What can NC gambling operators do to prevent problem gambling?

At the end of the day, it is up to each individual adult to control their own actions.

However, NC gambling sites that provide gambling opportunities can take certain steps to join the fight against problem gambling.

  • Aggressively combat underage gambling.
  • At physical locations, do not accept bets from people who are heavily intoxicated.
  • Don’t run deceptive ads that make it sound like players cannot lose.
  • Give players a chance to exclude themselves from gambling on your platform.
  • Point patrons toward problem gambling resources.

Telltale signs of problem gambling

  • Lying to your spouse about the extent of your gambling losses.
  • You have lost interest in other activities that you used to care about.
  • Your gambling setbacks are causing broad financial problems in your life.
  • Persistent anxiety, mood swings, and irritability can be problem gambling red flags.
  • Missing family events because you would rather gamble is a telltale sign.

Final takeaways

In closing, these are the key points to take with you going forward. When it is done responsibly, gambling is a harmless activity for adults that can make life more enjoyable. At the same time, like all good things, you have to indulge in moderation.

If you are mindful from the outset and you work within a sensible framework, you can steer clear of problems.

And if things go sideways, there are resources available to help you get back on the right track.